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Courses for Primary Levels


The course designed to help student excel in every par and at their own pace. 

ParExcel teaching principles was introduced in 1997 as our commitment to help each child.

Par     ->  Participate, Aim with Regular Revision

Excel  -> Engaging their minds & Xploring new horizons by Consolidating Existing & new Learning

We have touched more than 2000 students over the years and trusted that our students will continue to excel. 

English & Creative Writing for Primary 2 to 6

(Primary 2 to 6 - Learn your English under

This course covers all aspects of English learning with emphases on Creative Writing. Story-telling is the basis of creative writing. If one can speak or listen well, one can write well. This module serves to stimulate critical and creative thinking which is essential for good composition writing.


Complete Cycle of Creative Writing .....

​(1) Story-telling & Composition

(2) Strengthen the V .. Command of Vocabulary
(3) Strengthen the C .. Comprehension 
(4) Strengthen the G .. Grammar

(5) Stimulus Class Discussion


A classroom provides the healthy environment to stimulate the above mentioned discussion. Our teachers are trained to use different approaches like mind-mapping and educational games to facilitate these discussion and student's visual and auditory skills. The students will learn from the teachers and among themselves. 

A series of different worksheets and non-academic material / approaches are used to stimulate creative thinking, proactive participation and structured presentation which are essential for a good composition.

Mastering Mathematics for Primary 2 to 6

(Primary 2 to 6 - Learn your Mathematics under

This Mathematics course serves to meet the needs of different students at different stages and levels of mathematics learning. A series of tailored and simple methods will be used to help student progress positively in their mathematical learning experience.


Closed Loop Systematic Approach .....
(1) Concepts 

(2) Understanding the Questions

(3) Model drawing & Other Techniques 
(4) Analytical Skills

(5) Application


We use simple 3 to 5 steps approaches to help student understand the questions and solve the problems. 

Along with the academic approaches, we also introduce simple games and other means to develop and enhance the different essential aspects of learning. When a student's visual and auditory skills improve, one will naturally do better in many aspects.

Simple and effective methodology to help students to understand and solve different questions; also minimise  careless mistakes. Most important of all, they are SIMPLE enough to remember and apply.

Science & Life! for Primary 3 & 4

(Primary 3 to 4 - Learn your Science under


Life Applications & Structural Approach .....
(1) Active Participation 

(2) Visual-Aided Teaching 

(3) Structural 4-steps approach

(4) Live Science

(5) Examination Tips 


Science is part of our daily life and they are all around us. We will bring Science a life and help students to discover the relations between human and our environment; demonstrates how it impacts our society. 

We will introduce a 4-step Structural approach to help student better understand the questions, apply the right approach to answer the questions. 

How to score in Science by using 

- Structural Approach

- Solve by Exclusion 

- Using the Key Words.