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In Authentic Learning, we believe in Accelerated Learning. We developed different tools and models to accelerate students' understanding and means to self learn. Learning is a journey, we teach not only the what-it-takes to score in school and more importantly the how-to skills for self-learning.

As all students are talented in their own ways, the tools and models can be adapted to boost their strengths and compensate their weaknesses. It is our goal to uncover their strengths-weaknesses in learning, and help them to nurture their learning skills, develop interests and gain self-confidence.

Our teachers are skilful in their subject who teaches effectively and with passion to deliver relevant learning to the students. With our experienced teachers who are not just passionate in teaching, it is also our goal to see a student improved and excel at every par. This is our contribution back to the society.

Based on MOE syllabus.... Each course runs for 11 sessions / months per year. where we focus on academic topics from January to October and conclude in the last session with projects and presentation.

Team & Fun Learning.... encourage students' participation, cultivate interests and build self-confidence.

Passionate & Dedication.... teaches and guides by a pool of registered, experienced and MOE / Cambridge certified teachers.




Senior Teachers

Teacher Fan (MBA & BEng) is a full-time registered and experienced tutor specialised in Mathematics. She worked in different multi-national companies prior to full-time teaching. She brought with her over 25 years of international experiences both in the areas of engineering and business applications. She is currently helping students from Primary to Secondary levels

"Practical applications of Mathematics serves as the foundation of our teaching method" When a student understand why and how the different equations and formulas are used in the real life, they will appreciate and enjoy learning mathematics.

Teacher Siti (B.Com UK TESOL), ex MOE School Teacher, has more than 17 years experience in teaching English Language. She taught English to different groups of learners from starter up to advanced levels at International English Testing System (IELTS), Cambridge University English Language Department and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). She has a Bachelor of Commerce major in Business Management, UK and London Diploma Certificate in Business Administration. She is also a WSQ CSP (Certified Service Professional) GEM.

She has a proven records of high passing rate and improve English Proficiency of students across all schooling levels. She motivates and increase the students’ awareness & interests in English learning.