Learning is easier & wholistic!!

In Authentic Learning, we believed in Accelerated Blended Learning that equipped the students with know how and provided them with the platform to Excel at their own pace.

Based on MOE syllabus, each course 7 course-terms of 6 sessions, from Jan to early Nov. Each course is conducted by experienced, MOE and registered Teachers. In the classroom, the teachers will teach / explain the concepts and facilitate team discussion. Outside the classroom, the students are granted with online access to Google Classroom where different eResources are made available to them.

Learning is changing faster than our education system can keep pace and the knowledge to acquired is overwhelming. We introduce AA-Wisdom, Authentic-Accelerated Wisdoms, a set of different tools and models to ease and accelerate students' understanding of different concepts. A structural & systematic approach to analyse and tackle open-ended questions cum problem sums.

Online resources help to deepen the understanding and retention of information. Couple with monthly milestone Quizzes, AA-Whizz, the individual students and responsible teachers can uncover and address specifically the students weakness. MOE guided milestones by levels by subjects are established to assist students to monitor their learning pace and to set achievable targets along the ways

Our course aim coaches the students the what-it-takes to do well / score in school and more importantly the how-to and self-learning skills.

Team & Fun Learning .... encourage students' participation, cultivate interests and build self-confidence.

Passionate & Dedication.... teaches and guides by a pool of registered, experienced and MOE / Cambridge certified teachers.

(A) Wholistic English + Maths (Primary 1)

(B) Primary Courses


English & Creative Writing 


Mastering Mathematics 


Science & Life!

(C) Secondary Courses


English & Writing 


Elementary Mathematics