Hard work, self-discipline and perseverance, along with our coaching cum encouragement, our students attained significant improvement ... well equipped to reach the Stars.


“TGIF (Thank God Its Friday !) as I get to attend a fun filled, challenging and productive class with Teacher Siti. Teacher Fan also makes learning Mathematics, every Wednesday, easy and fun through Speed Quiz etc. I also like the learning environment in the RC centre. 

I used to be weak in English and Mathematics in Primary 1 and even failed both subjects before. I've improved progressively over 3 years after I joined  this tuition from Primary 2 and now I'm a confident student attaining 

        A* for Mathematics & A for English in Primary 4.

"This year, I will surely aspire to get an A* for English too as Ms Siti encourages me to discover my potential and reach for the stars! I recommend my friend to join the tuition with me here!"  



"I attend tuition at the RC since Primary 3. I'm Primary 6 this year and I scored 

       A for English since Primary 3!"



“I now realise that mathematics is no longer difficult and complicated" exclaimed with a confident sparkle in the eyes "the tuition class is very productive and I really appreciate all the new skills that has been taught week after week. The Maths questions are now more predictable.

After one year of Secondary Tuition at Woodgrove RC, I achieved an

        'A' from an average of 50+.

I am confident to attempt challenging problem sums using the different tactics taught by Teacher Fan and committed to excel in my 'N' levels this year." 



 Tiffany Tay (Pri 4) scores A & A* for her Mathematics since Primary 3, for three consecutive years. Some of her results are 99/100 for Primary 5 SA1, and 4th place overall place for Mathematics in School. She is a role model both in school and in class. 

Tiffany: "Learning is fun and easy when teacher uses games to teach us Mathematics."

Teacher Fan: "Tiffany is a fast learner and a hard working student. She adopts and applies the concepts and techniques taught in Tuition very effectively."


"I was a C5 student for English before I join the Secondary English Tuition. I enjoy the lively lesson conducted by Teacher Siti and feel very relax while learning. This allows me to absorb better and apply more effectively what I learned. Last year, I attained    

        A2 for Sec 2 English Language. 

This year, I will aspire to attain an A1 for English."   



“I used to hate Maths, now I like it. I look forward to attend my tuition classes as I am really happy and interested in learning new concepts from my teacher, Ms Fan ,who makes learning Maths a breeze as she also teaches me how to self-learn. 

I am confident in handling mathematics and am so delighted to see my grades improve tremendously from a 

        ‘D’ at PSLE  to an 'A2' in Sec 1 (NA) !!!

My parents are so relieved and  elated as I received the EDUSAVE Improvement Award last year."



“I declare: I love Mathematics and a more confident maths student!

The Secondary Mathematics tuition at WG1 RC has the perfect enviroment for learning. Ms Fan, my maths consultant has made mastering maths less tedious and Maths questions more predictable. She equipped me with known tactics by topics, coupled with possible variation and common possible mistakes.

Last year, I surprised myself by attaining for Maths a 

       high 'B3' from a previously borderline.

This year, I aspire to achieve an A for my O’levels Maths. My parents are so proud as I received the EDUSAVE Eagles Award last year from Mr Amrin, MP of Woodlands."  


Ruth Lim (Pri 2) continues to be competitive and excels in Band One for her English. She serves as a role model in the class for English learning.
Ruth: "I like Teacher Siti and her teaching. I enjoy making more friends when the no of students grow healthily for the English class as I was one of the first few students at the WZ1 RC Centre"
Teacher Siti: "Ruth is fast learner and hardworking student. She applies effectively what she learned in tuition class and shown great improvement in composition writing by using more vocabularies."


Anushka Nakkeeran (Pri 4) achieves magnificent improvement in her mathematics from just passed to 92.5 in her SA2. We are filled with joy when her mother shares the great news with us.  

Anushka: "Teacher is very patient. I enjoy and learn a lot from the tuition class."

Teacher Fiza: "Anushka is a very determined girl. She is proactive and will bring additional questions to class to clear her doubts with the teacher  This helps to strengthen her understanding and overcome her weakness. She is helpful and always willing to share her knowledge with her peers."


Tiffany Tan (Pri 1) continues to excel in her mathematics, scoring above 95% in her SA2. She is also a determined learner and helpful student. She demonstrates great leadership and strengthens her understanding when she extends help to others at this young age.

Tiffany: "Teacher Fiza makes Maths learning easy and fun. I look forward to attending tuition class every week at Blk 897A - WG6 RC"

Teacher Fiza: "Tiffany is a hardworking student. She aims to complete her classwork perfectly and will practice the challenging questions with the teacher until is able to do them independently. She will also lend a helping hand to her friends when they need help."

Jun Yuan Khor (Pri 5) shown significant improvement and scored 3rd highest for English and highest for Composition in class. He understands and applies the skills and techniques taught in tuition class.


Rachel Kua (Pri 4) improves significantly in her Mathematics from band 3 to band 1 after 3 months of tuition with us. Along with Rachel's hard work, she is able to understand the examination questions better and excel in her SA2. 

Rachel: "Teacher Sharul is very patient and help me better understand the concepts and clarify any doubts."

Teacher Sharul: "Rachel diligently completes her assignments. A hardworking student and one who is not afraid to make mistakes. When coach for corrections, she listens attentively and is able to grasp the concepts fast."


Cyril Plah (Pri 4) is one of the twelve students in school to receive the Progress AwardHis school (Bendemeer Primary School) awarded him in September for achieving significant improvement in his English. 
Cyril: "Learning in ParExcel / JBB RC is fun and I like the teacher."
Teacher Siti: "Cyril is an attentive and enthusiastic learner. He is able to understand and apply effectively the language skills taught in tuition."